As a nod to Wedgewood-Houston’s industrial history, Core’s latest project is named after the Kirby Welding Co. which operated as a metal fabrication shop on site for eight decades. Kirby is Core’s third mixed use development at The Finery and includes 5,000 square feet of ground level commercial space, 4,000 square feet of restaurant space, and four floors of modern residential flats. With views of downtown, Kirby will also provide walkable access to a variety of retail amenities.


Neighborhood: The Urban Landscape

Wedgewood-Houston is a small but established urban neighborhood located just 2 miles south of downtown Nashville. Its borders include Houston Street to the north, Wedgewood Avenue to the south, 8th Avenue South to the west and 4th Avenue South/Nolensville Pike to the east. Wedgewood-Houston is likely Nashville’s most actively changing and growing community.


The Finery

The Finery is Core’s largest investment in community. The Finery encompasses an area the size of an entire city block, over 7 acres of industrial land for development over the next five years. Core has completed a rezoning process, which entitled this land to accommodate up to 490 residential units and approximately 80,000 square feet of commercial space.







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